• Mission


“We are artisan women with a vision of making business and sustainability meld. We are beach combers and gleaners gathering plastic bottles from near and in Rome.

We know our action is just a drop in the ocean yet we care for the environment and try to preserve it. We get inspired by the shapes and colors of the bottles to create PET plastic jewels, eco designs and home accesories. We manage to find the "soul" in a disposed plastic bottle, the symbol of massive consumerism. And it is the soul that we release by working the plastics with our hands to create new artistic jewels and items.

We believe ALTER EQUO can set the pace for a different economy, a new womanly business model. A creative project both environmentally sound and also decent in social terms.

We are not passionate about profit, but we claim the right to make a living fulfilling our dreams, boosting our creativity, and putting the environment first.

We have a passion for a downsized life and work style getting along with production capacities that are not harmful for people and the environment”.